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Join Jac for the Truth Serum Cafe!

Truth Serum Cafe is Jac’s weekly online group satsang gathering. Many of us have requested that Jac offer online satsang over the years and it took COVID-19 to make it happen!! Every Sunday join Jac with your favorite cup of caffeination. Jac’s approach at Truth Serum Cafe is to bring greater understanding into the levels of perception, merging into Self, and going deeper than all of it. While we can deepen our spiritual awareness and find language and understanding for what lies within, Jac also spends time looking at how we apply our spiritual awareness in everyday life. Her tips are useful and REAL and help us to live out from a place of the truth of our being in every day situations. For those of us who want to ask questions at such gatherings, the chat box is open and people can freely ask questions that Jac replies to live. Come join us. It’s turning out to be a beautiful community event! See you there!


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