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Resource Library

The resource library includes archived satsang recordings, archived e-satsang newsletters, and quotes from Jac. Click here to read or download quotes from Jac and to access e-satsang newsletter archives.

When you log in (create an account) on this website you can borrow Resource Library audio files by clicking the heart symbol on any file. Selected files will appear in 'My Compass' where you can continue to listen online. This helps you to keep track of what you are listening to.

Jac began to offer satsang in 2008. All recorded satsang material is archived here for your use. There are over 400 audio tracks. You can listen online for free, or purchase and download to your personal MP3 player. Use the search fields to browse the entire collection of archived, satsang meetings. Recordings that are less than 3 years old are available in the shop.

With the help of Jac's Seva Community the recordings are in the process of being tagged. Tagging identifies the list of topics discussed at each satsang so that they are easier to search and find by keywords. As this is a work in progress, not all of them have been tagged yet. If you are interested in helping, please apply to join the Seva Community by clicking here.

Satsang Transcriptions

Click here to choose from a list of transcribed satsangs available for download.

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Quotes from Jac

Personality is a useful tool but it cannot define who you are. Who you are lies far beyond who you think you are.


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