Truth Serum Retreat, 

"The Power of the Judging Mind" 

November 13–15th and the 29th, 2020

Invitation to Truth Serum Retreat
Invitation to the Truth Serum Retreat

Judgement gives your body and personal "I" a survival advantage. This retreat is an invitation to surrender that advantage and realize what lies within that has no survival concerns at all.

***Please note: all times listed below are in Eastern Time***

You will receive audio recordings of all sessions so you won't miss anything if you can't attend a session live!


Session 1: Nov. 13th 2PM–4PM 

(2 hours with chat box)

Perceiving Difference without Judgement.

As soon as manifestation occurs there is differentiation. What triggers YOUR judging capacity? What’s it like to perceive without judgment?

(comes with homework exercise)


Session 2: Nov. 14th Suggested viewing time: 10:00AM–11:30AM

(1.5 hours pre-recorded)

Self-Judgement and the Inner Self-Critic.

Many of us judge ourselves because we unconsciously think that it helps us to gain acceptance and love. Let’s explore which self-judgment habits are constructive and useful for you and which are bad habits. 

(comes with homework exercise)

Session 3: Nov. 14th 3PM-5PM

(2 hours with live mic)

The Judging Mind tries to Protect You.

When we judge we are shielding ourselves from suffering or the threat of suffering. Can we dare be without this defense mechanism? As the judging mind protects it hides the Truth and that price is too high.



Session 4: Nov. 15th Suggested viewing time: 10:00AM–11:30AM

(1.5 hours pre-recorded)

Guided Meditation - Surrender in Total Acceptance

(comes with homework exercise)


Session 5: Nov. 15th 2PM–3:30PM

(1.5 hours with chat box)

Truth Serum Cafe



Session 6: Nov. 29th 2PM–3:30PM

(1.5 hours with chat box)

Truth Serum Cafe

Session 7: Nov. 29th 4:30PM–6:30PM

(2 hours with live mic)

Judgement and Self-image

What's positive we show to others, the negative we hide within. Both versions are created by the judging mind. Seeing through the judging mechanism in yourself invites Reality to shine through.

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Preparing for Your Online Retreat

As we shift from in-person residential retreats to online retreats you can take at home, you are asked to plan some details in advance that will support your experience. 


When you attend a residential retreat, practical details are managed for you. Your environment is conducive to your inner exploration. Online retreats are equally as resourcing for your body, mind, and spiritual journey when you take some time to plan your own support structures in advance. Take time to do these 5 things in preparation for your retreat and let the inward orientation begin. 

1. Meals

Plan what you will eat during the retreat. Will you pre-cook, order in, prepare your meals fresh? Make these decisions beforehand and take the necessary steps to stock up on whatever you will need. 

2. Nature, Walks, and Baths

How will you connect with nature? Where will you walk every day and is there a place you can sit quietly and observe something natural? If you have one, will you lounge in a bathtub?

3. Unplug

Put an out of office reply on your email accounts. Don't schedule social activities or any engagements during our retreat weekend. Turn off your phone. If you live with other people do your best to keep your attention focused within.

4. Notebook and Colors

Get yourself a nice notebook for you to jot down notes and to journal between sessions. Handwriting exercises our brain in many ways that typing does not. Do you like to draw or paint? When words cease their usefulness, paint, shapes, textures, movement, or color offer a non-verbal toolkit. Have you used artistic media in the past that has helped you express? Is there an artistic expression that nourishes you or helps you to relax? Stock up on whatever media and paper you might need to resource your process. 

5. Downtime

If your downtime is not filled with family obligations, plan to read spiritual material or listen to music that is beautiful to your ears. Steer clear of fiction in literature and film—the movie that is created by our own minds is more than enough material for us to explore!

These 5 measures are demonstrations of support and love towards you.

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