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Going Nowhere: The Course


Clarifying and illuminating teachings with exercises. A must-see for everyone dedicated to spirituality. Originally a documentary movie about consciousness, Going Nowhere: The Course was created as a study piece and we are thrilled to release it here for you.  Going Nowhere: The Course simplifies profound teachings into 27 lessons. Step by step, Jac guides you through the sequence of perceiving mechanisms arising from pure consciousness. You can discover how these mechanisms work together to create the credibility of you and your life. Engage in the exercises after every lesson to attain your own realizations. The video lessons are between 2 and 10 minutes long.  This course is quite the journey! As you take these lessons with Jac, you will be guided to your own recognition that enlightenment and non-duality are phenomena within duality. Recognize the illusion of the I AM state, experience observing without comment, and awaken your own knowing that the sense of existing (assumed real in non-dual teachings) is a spiritual trap enabling the continuity of subtle identification with primordial concepts.  There is more. Jac has traveled on a spiritual path further than many, and the transmission of clarity and wisdom from her is palpable. This course gives you the full spectrum of spiritual understanding.  You will receive 12 months access to the course upon registration. If you view any lesson and think there was nothing of substance in it, know that your mind most likely filtered out what it doesn't want to hear. Be patient with your beautiful mind and watch that lesson again.  Review: "This is the best non-dual video I have ever seen. Why? Because whereas most non-dual teachings stop at "you are Awareness," Jac takes it right to the very end... and then drops even that, leaving absolutely nothing to hang on to. Nothing."





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