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Individual Sessions
for Spiritual Teachers and Leaders

Jac sees a limited number of spiritual leaders in a private capacity. These sessions are confidential.


They are offered to leaders who recognize that "there is no one I can talk to" and who have some of the following experiences:

  • Most of your friends are also your students

  • Your emotional maturity lags behind your spiritual understanding

  • You use your relationship power differential to your advantage 

  • You draw on spiritual truths to justify your choices and opinions. e.g 'nothing is happening' and 'this is not wrong in the eyes of the Absolute'

  • You deny your own shadow, to yourself and others

  • You are anxious that you will lose at least some of your following if you engage in personal growth

You will receive a link to an audio recording of your time with Jac (within 12 hours) for you to download and relisten in your own time.

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