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Spiritual terms explained.

  • Absolute

    That which is constant and beyond all modification. Synonymous with God.

  • Awakening

    To be awake is to recognize and know that you are neither body nor mind. Abiding awakening is synonymous with self-realization and enlightenment. Abiding awakening is a state of being where one no longer identified with thoughts. Self referenced thinking ceases.

  • Consciousness

    Consciousness is the self-contained capacity that manifests form and formless and reflects its own creation unto itself. It therefore has the capacity to imagine its own existence. It includes individual consciousness, which comprises the dreaming and waking states.

  • Discernment

    The ability to recognize what is not evident to the thinking mind. In the absence of judgment, discernment reveals what is true. The ability to discern is fundamental to spiritual maturity and wisdom.

  • Duality

    A mode of perception where the perceiver is the subject and all that is seen is objectified and therefore different to the subject. Duality requires a belief in separation. Duality shows up when pure consciousness perceives itself as an individual personal and misidentifies with the physical body.

  • Existence

    Existence is manifest with the thought ‘I am’.

  • Liberation

    A stateless state wherein concepts cannot influence action. All actions come from consciousness without interference from the conceptual mind. It is the state of being fully human where mind serves consciousness. Mind no longer has the capacity to influence action.

  • Matter

    Matter is the perception of particles manifesting in physical form.
  • Natural State

    The natural state prevails when attention is resting where it arises (within). The natural state is not a state of mind, though experientially there is calm, peace, joy, relaxed ease and happiness. It can also be experienced as emptiness where nothing is absent. Identification with thoughts does not arise in the natural state.
  • Non Duality

    A mode of perception where what is perceived is inseparable; all particulars are part of the same unity. Individuality disappears. There is only the subject or non dual presence. Equanimity is perceived.
  • Pointer

    Pointers indicate a direction and not a destination. A destination by contrast would engage the mind in a conceptual idea of what is expected. A pointer allows an open space for that which is beyond mind to reveal itself to individual consciousness.
  • Prior to Consciousness

    This is a pointer until it ceases to be a pointer!

  • Reality

    That which is constant and unchanging. It is neither phenomenal nor conceptual and is best used to differentiate from that which is unreal, and changing.

  • Resistance

    Avoiding, denying or pushing away that which is present.
  • Self Honesty

    Having no self-judgment and no pretense with regard to ones own journey. Not hiding behind beliefs, image or ideas. Recognizing without deflection.
  • Spiritual Practice

    Spiritual practice is a natural ceaseless orientation towards Reality. Spiritual practice is inevitable because your true nature is inherently motivated to reveal itself through experience.
  • Stepping Back

    Withdrawing attention from any single mode of perception. Shifting to a wider perspective.
  • Truth

    Truth is the non-conceptual recognition of what is Real. Truth is intuitively known to be Reality when there is full clarity about what is false. Truth cannot be objectified and it follows that there is nothing to ‘get’.

Who do I contact for questions about the site and product purchases?

For questions about the site and product purchases please contact

Are Jac's downloads compatible with both Apple and Android?

Yes, downloadable files are single or grouped. When grouped, you will receive a zip file that contains the individual files. Click the “Download” button to save the audio or Zip file on your PC. After you have successfully downloaded the MP3, open iTunes to transfer the file. Click “File” and choose “Add file to library”. Connect your iPad to PC using a USB cable and sync your iPad to transfer files.

Can I have a private meeting with Jac?

Private meetings with Jac happen over Zoom. These meetings are totally confidential. Jac audio records the meeting and sends you a dropbox link for you to download and listen to as often as you like. Jac keeps a copy of the recording for one week and then deletes it. No one but Jac has access to your recording. Rates are $125 for half an hour and $200 for 50 minutes. To arrange your appointment with Jac, click on the Private Session tab on the top Menu and click on Schedule Session.

Where do I find my purchased products?

If you pruchased a digital file such as an audio file, retreat audios, downloadable CD, audible, or an ebook, you will receive an email from <> with a downloadable link to your digital orders. These orders will also be available for download under My Orders under your login name. If you purchased a video channel subscription on the Watch page under Shop, you will receive an email from Admin support to letting you know the duration of your subscription. You can access the purchased channel by clicking on the Video channel icon from the Watch page under Shop. Please contact for any questions you may have on the purchased products/subscriptions.

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