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The unfolding of consciousness does not reach its conclusion when you wake up. Some years after my awakening, I realized that a new kind of identification had supplanted the old one. My identity had discreetly shifted to a more expanded identification with what is called, in spiritual circles, “nondual awareness.” In time, I saw that even this new identity had to dissolve. 

Nondual awareness opens us up to a sense of spaciousness and vastness. We are nothing and everything. Oneness without a second. But what is beyond this experience? What is beyond your identification with the feeling of spaciousness, beyond your home in pure consciousness, beyond your concept of existence?

It is difficult to find words at this stage of our evolution. And my role is not to invent new concepts, but rather to empower you to go there for yourself and see. My teaching is about helping you attain a level of spiritual maturity in which you are your own guru. You retain your autonomy at every point of awakening because every level of awakening is holy and wants to release its perfume in the life you live moment by moment, day by day.

Where does spiritual seeking come from? It is the human expression of that which expresses you longing to be expressed by you. Spiritual maturity means dropping the seeking and aligning with pure expression expressing itself.

Jac is a spiritual leader, teacher, and author of books Born to Be Free and How to Be a Spiritual Rebel. She is also a founding member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity (ASI). This organization encourages spiritual teachers and the community to support one another in a process of growth and spiritual development. It aims to develop a network of resources for those in a role of leadership and encourages continual self-reflection. To hear Jac's Awakening story, check out her Buddha at the Gas Pump interview.

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