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Unity Consciousness: The Experience of Oneness


It’s often said in spiritual teachings that “all is one”, and you may have read it in books, or seen it posted on social media. But there is much to uncover in this pointer that many spiritual teachings leave at a superficial or conceptual understanding. Jac takes your understanding of unity consciousness to new levels by guiding you to experience it and the unified field for yourself. Here is your opportunity to go from a conceptual understanding to owning your own deep understanding and wisdom about all things Oneness! What does the experience of unity consciousness feel like? And how does unity consciousness differ from the unified field? Learn to progressively access these ways of perceiving the world by following the videos and meditations in this course. You'll take one step at a time, from observing the material world as a separate individual to recognizing within yourself that there is only One. What You Get: • Downloadable meditations to guide you to experience and recognize unity consciousness and the unified field for yourself. • Teachings about karma, how people and experiences are connected beyond death, and how these topics weave into your awakening process. • Experience freedom as you get closure with events, memories, and relationships in your life. • Tips on what to look for when accessing unity consciousness so it becomes easier for you to go in and out of different lenses of perception. • A new way to experience the appearance of the world, by simply shifting your lens of perception. • Guidance on pitfalls to avoid when tapping into the unified field. Find out what to look out for so that you don’t get caught up in phenomenal story instead of coming from the wisdom within. This is an intense and advanced course. It’s a deep-dive for the dedicated spiritual student. Your ability to discern subtle attributes of consciousness will be refined in this course. Your enrollment in this course is valid for 365 days from date of purchase.





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