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Satsang is an invitation to step away from the unconscious captivity of your own thoughts. The purpose of these satsangs is to reveal who you are and realize that which is prior to all concepts.

Retreat on Hawaii in June 2022!

We are in the planning phase of a week long retreat on Kauai with Jac.  

More information as soon as logistics are confirmed!

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Dust off your suitcases and get ready to snorkel in tropical waters!
Come explore the depths of consciousness at the Truth Serum Cafe!

Join Jac on Sundays from 2:00PM to 3:30PM ET (changing to 2–3PM ET starting September 1st) and experience deep meditative states with Jac's guidance. Expand and resource your spiritual awareness and enjoy better understanding of your true nature while Jac astutely weaves our esoteric realizations with the practicality of living in the world. Her tips are grounding, useful and REAL and help us to live from a place of Truth in everyday situations. Learn more and register here.

Truth Serum Cafe began in April 2020. It has since evolved to be a heartfelt and sincere online community. It is a space where spiritual maturation is cultivated. Deepening what it means to live an embodied awakening is a naturally recurring theme each week. Cumulative attendance is more beneficial but you are welcome to join in any time.
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Bring your questions concerning your spiritual path to Jac and let her expose, unravel, and heal that which creates blockages. Gain new and personal understandings about your soul's unique journey. Your autonomy and potency are both honored and respected at the Truth Serum Q&A. At these gatherings, together we embrace deep realizations and an authentic embodiment of awakening.
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Truth Serum Retreat

Stay tuned for the announcement of the next online retreat!
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Jac goes with you wherever you are coming from and pulls you deeper; there is no end on this movement. Jac is so human, down to earth and still beyond anything and everything. She holds you with love and compassion while making a clean cut through illusions, through our stories of separations. Only demanding what she fully embodies. Honesty and integrity.

– M.T.H., Canada

All events are recorded. By your attendance you consent to be recorded and agree that Jac reserves all rights to this material and its dissemination in any form.
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