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Born to be Free (hard copy)

Born to be Free (hard copy)

  • Born to be Free is a must-read for all who search for truth and inner direction. It reveals the true nature of total happiness, freedom and uninterrupted peace. On looking beyond the mind (thoughts, emotions and beliefs), the mystery of who and what you are is unraveled, leading to a state of stillness, harmony and peace. That which is absolute and accessible to all – the truth – is clearly explained. The reader is invited to that which is beyond concepts and can be intuited by each of us to be the truth that underpins all.    


    Click here for more information and reader reviews.


    The book comes with a complimetary CD - a live recording of Jac O' Keeffe reading the unabridged text of Born to be Free. Recorded at Arunachala foothills, this open air natural setting has yielded sounds of birds and foliage moving in the mountain breeze. Thus, a little of Arunachala is audible. Enjoy!

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