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The Long and the Short of It (Meditation audios)

The Long and the Short of It (Meditation audios)

  • Eleven Minutes shifts your attention away from identification with a personal perspective. Using imagery to dissolve the body-mind, the personal ‘I’ also dissolves. Depending on your level of spiritual maturity, this meditation will guide you to either an impersonal perspective, or to a point of perception that is prior to any knowable reference point. Everything softens in this meditation. Eleven Minutes is an ideal way to start and end your day. It prepares you to move through life with an open and fluid attitude.​

    Going Prior is a meditation that contains teachings. Each teaching is contained within a track for you to play, pause or repeat. Once the teachings are clear to you, Going Prior meditation becomes very potent in that it withdraws the mind from an external focus to an internal focus, to non dual teachings and prior to non duality. Relax and allow the pointers to weave a pathway through your awareness (consciousness) and beyond. Whatever comes up for you is easily recognized as resistance; mind will try to come on board. Drop deep within and an attitude of surrender will disable mind’s persistence. Mind cannot understand the potency of this meditation. Mind is brought to its limit and you as pure awareness/pure consciousness can recognize what is Truth prior to conceptual thought. Prior to non duality, you as pure awareness pick up this thread and continue, going prior to that which can neither be nor not be.  Going Prior has an energetic component that resonates with and wakes up pure awareness.

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