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Soulfilled Sisterhood Podcast
Nicole Burgess podcast

Click here to go to the Soulfilled Sisterhood episode featuring Jac.

Some highlights of this interview include:

  • Blending spirituality and psychology

  • Jac shares why she wrote the book

  • Innate fear to cultivating your courage

  • Quieting your mind to hear your core essence

  • Responding vs reacting (ep 45 Emotional Intelligence)

  • Jac shares her personal spiritual journey

  • Walking her talk in autonomy

  • How getting quiet helped her find her essence

  • Trusting your deeper Self vs. being driven by your mind

  • Playing small and letting go of defending ourselves

  • How Jac’s books progress from beginner to more advanced

  • Leaning into the unknown and silence

  • Personality is an external expression of your identity

  • Self-acceptance and the power of love

  • The outside world can reject you and you are still more

  • Inviting you to go deeper into the knowing

  • Women taught not to listen to the inner wisdom

  • Ongoing personal growth and allowing

  • Nonduality and inclusion in growth

  • Doing your best in every moment

  • Jac shares being inspired by Mary Robinson-first female president in Ireland

  • Mary Robinson Founder and President of Realizing Rights: the Ethical Globalization Initiative

  • Jac’s goal is to make meaningful change to ordinary lives

  • What is under your goal to feel special

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