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How to be a Spiritual Rebel

Jac's latest book "How to be a Spiritual Rebel" is now available in hard copy, ebook and audio formats.

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Hard copy versions are available at these locations and ebooks are available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and New Harbinger. Audio version is available on Amazon Audible. 

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About the book:

Don’t let fear stand in the way of experiencing your authentic self. In this courageous, dogma-free guide, spiritual rebel and internationally renowned spiritual leader and teacher Jac O’Keeffe offers the keys to moving beyond the limited perceptions you have about yourself and toward boundless, fearless freedom. 


The first part of the book works to punch holes in the validity and authority of the thinking mind. Exercises are given that directly challenge the role of the mind as being the ultimate authority in governing one's life. You see through the facade of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions and tap into a deeper resource within. A window opens, and there's a glimpse outside the world created by mind.


In the latter part of Spiritual Rebel, Jac brings in deeper levels of perception.  She skillfully moves you from one perspective to another viewpoint and activates something beyond the mind that discombobulates the usual processing mechanisms. It works the mind out of its comfort zone of familiarity. Something deeper within is able to see not just perceptions but the mechanism of mind itself. Pure awareness or pure consciousness, which traditionally defines the nondual, is not presented as the ultimate resting place and Jac offers pointers to its dissolution. You are guided to taste the inclusive, awakened state that is hallmarked by non-denialism.


Spiritual Rebel is an unparalleled resource to take action and challenge the status quo of a life lived within the confines of mind. If you're ready to courageously dive into this work and trust your inner wisdom to guide you on this journey, now is the time to unleash your own Spiritual Rebel and see your life unfold in fearless freedom.

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