"Peace and joy are natural. This is your true nature. Know this to be so without the subjective egoic perspective of an experiencer having an experience. In the natural state, all bodily senses function as normal, the phenomenal world can be observed and activities unfold as usual. All that passes is observed from the unchanging peace and happiness that is Self."

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The latest blog post–Noticing the Evolution and Maturation in Students–speaks to the unfolding and integration of wisdom in students throughout the spiritual journey.



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Jac O'Keeffe is a spiritual teacher, author, and trailblazer in the exploration of consciousness. She has been teaching and holding workshops around the world, guiding people in the unfoldment of their own spiritual journey for more than 10 years. 

Where are you looking from?

Join Jac in this video for an exploration of consciousness as it expands from the personal viewing point.
Where are you looking from? Expand your viewpoint beyond the personal. Nonduality.

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May 10, 2020

Noon–1:30PM EST


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