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Jac's teaching is about empowering individuals who are done with seeking, done with hiding, done with outsourcing their spiritual awakening to gurus. It is for people who are ready to go to God in their own two shoes.

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Upcoming Events with Jac

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Truth Serum Cafe online event
Sundays at 2PM Eastern Time

The Truth Serum Q&A is an interactive and live mic event. Bring your questions and join us on the last Sunday of every month.

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Jac offers workshops as well as longer retreat options around the world. Check out the upcoming schedule of events and how to register. 



Explore the resources in Jac's library with a variety of content from Jac's teachings. Here you will find audio, video, and written articles.


The shop features the latest event recordings for download, as well as merchandise such as books and DVDs.

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About Jac

Jac O'Keeffe is a spiritual leader, author, and trailblazer in the exploration of consciousness. She has been teaching and holding workshops around the world, guiding people in the unfoldment of their own spiritual journey for more than 10 years. 

Where are you looking from?

Join Jac in this video for an exploration of consciousness as it expands from the personal viewing point.