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Abiding Awakening: Wisdom in Every Cell
5–day Residential Retreat with Jac
**This is the last time Jac will offer a retreat at Findhorn. Register today**
April 1–6th, 2023 Findhorn, Scotland
Check in after 3pm on April 1st, check out after breakfast (9am) on the 6th.

There will be a day when there's a realization that books and YouTube videos just don’t do it for you any more. Keep reading what you're drawn to until that happens. Whatever brings more clarity—use it. Whatever feels dry and barren, drop it. Otherwise we're just following concepts of the right thing to do, and that’s a path that goes nowhere. This is discernment and cultivation of the inner guru.” –Jac O'Keeffe

I've Had a Spiritual Awakening. Now What?

This deep-dive retreat is for individuals who have an inner felt sense of their true nature and are ready to take their awakening to the next level. You will learn how to integrate your expanded state with your everyday way of being in the world. At this retreat with Jac, you'll gain clarity on where you are living out of alignment and the habitual thought patterns that keep you stagnant in your spiritual evolution and daily life. This is fundamental to maintain shifts in consciousness after the retreat. 


During a 5 day period with Jac, you'll have many opportunities to redirect your attention within and strengthen your connection to your innate wisdom. Jac will share spiritual insights and useful, practical skills to empower you in your inner exploration. She will provide guidance, support, and honest reflections—helping you to live an ongoing awakened life.   

What Can I Expect from the Retreat?

You'll explore further with guided meditations where Jac will lead you to a direct experience of finer levels of consciousness. There will be practices that compliment these deep-dive meditations so you can bring your wakefulness into your daily life. These practices will help you embody expansive, inner spaciousness while you walk, eat, write, and engage in regular activities of life.


This intensive retreat focuses on advancing your ability to be aware of higher levels of consciousness, and also helping you to normalize these higher level shifts in perception. Often an awakening or spiritual experience happens but the moment passes, and the wisdom gleaned during the experience fades with time. Jac knows the importance of grounding and embodying new levels of perception and wisdom so you maintain these realizations in every cell of your being.  

Take 5 days out of your routine to have time in silence, surrounded by nature in a peaceful setting. You will have the time and support to rest deeply and clear your mind. And you’ll have daily access to a spiritual teacher who is dedicated to empowering all who come to her events to take the next step in their spiritual evolution.

Click below for registration details
Meals at Findhorn:

Your event registration includes the five days accommodation in Cluny as well as three daily meals— vegetarian food, largely local and organic, and all made with love.

Cluny Hill Grounds:

Jac's retreat will be held at Cluny Hill, part of the Findhorn Foundation. It is a welcoming and warm countryside estate surrounded by beautiful gardens and woods, with access to boundless trails and paths for you to connect with yourself, spirit, nature and others.

A view of the wilderness and a stream in Findhorn village.
Findhorn Retreat Location:

Cluny Hill
St Leonard’s Road
Forres, IV36 2RD
Scotland, United Kingdom


The nearest town is Forres

Forres has good rail links to Inverness and bus connections  to The Park. On the High Street in Forres you can find cash dispensers (ATMs taking most cards) and a reasonable selection of shops, restaurants and pharmacies.

The nearest airports are Inverness and Aberdeen

Both are international airports with good links on major carriers as well as domestic flight operators such as EasyJet and Loganair.


Jac goes with you wherever you are coming from and pulls you deeper; there is no end on this movement. Jac is so human, down to earth and still beyond anything and everything. She holds you with love and compassion while making a clean cut through illusions, through our stories of separations. Only demanding what she fully embodies. Honesty and integrity.

M.T.H., Canada

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