Spirit Matters Podcast—An Interview with Jac

Jac was recently interviewed with Phil Goldberg of Spirit Matters Podcast! They discuss Jac’s own spiritual journey and her role as a teacher in the evolving spiritual landscape. 

Jac recounts early experiences on the path; from the opening of her third eye to her travels in India and the cessation of mental chatter and thought. Now working as a spiritual teacher, Jac shares her understanding of the relationship between student and teacher in the spiritual journey. She discusses her work as a cofounder of the Association for Spiritual Integrity (ASI), and bringing awareness to the need for cultivating honesty and transparency in spiritual leaders.

A “post-guru” era of spirituality is on the horizon, and Jac calls for a new model where the students maintain their self-authority rather than projecting onto an external guru figure. She aims for a cultural shift to a more honest, open, and human way of being for all. Listen to the interview here:


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